Ceramic YAG offers high power replacement for single YAG crystals. Cristal Laser now distributes Baikowski-Konoshima ceramic YAG for the European market.
Grown in France,
Manufactured in France, Sold Worldwide
Ceramic Yb:YAG
     Yb:YAG Cr:YAG cover


Ceramic Yb:YAG

The ceramic division of Konoshima Chemical Co. Ltd. of Kagawa, Japan, has developed high-purity and high-performance YAG ceramics as a replacement for single crystal YAG in  high power applications.

It offers much better fracture toughness and can absorb more thermal and physical shock, thereby enabling higher pumping and output power to serve most demanding industrial and research laser applications.

Ceramic YAG also enables versatile designs possibilities because of ultra-strong bonds from co-sintering processes which surpass all standard bonding processes used for single YAG crystals.

Apertures as large as 100x350mm are also a major benefit of ceramic YAG, enabling cutting edge laser research development all over the world.

Ceramic YAG was made commercially available through Baikowski Group, which perfected a unique polishing technique for the harder polycrystalline YAG material. Cristal Laser has been appointed as its distributor for the European market.