Facilities & Equipment

Our Facilities

In 2016, Cristal Laser has expanded its premises. Here's a glimpse of how we filled the space:

  • 15 additional growth stations
  • 2 distinct optical fab areas with a full array of equipment
  • 2 large-diameter polishing machines
  • a laser lab dedicated to UV-critical measurements (absorption and surface degradation)
  • an Atomic-Force Microscope

Our equipment

Crystal growth stations


  • Crystal growth capacity: >25000 optics per year
  • Production of the largest LBO boules in the world
  • Proprietary growth station design

Cutting tools and equipment


  • 12 saws of different kinds: disc, ring, wire
  • Core drilling machines
  • No one-of-a-kind tool: each one is backed up

Polishing machines


  • Double side planetary polishing
  • >2500 optics with size 3x3x10mm can be polished in one run
  • Polishing capacity for large-aperture (>150mm dia.) optics

Optical metrology


  • Wavefront distortion measurements (Zygo interferometers)
  • Roughness measurements <1Å (Atomic Force Microscopy)
  • Surface quality inspection (DIC microscope)

Photo-thermal Interferometer


  • Enables coating, surface and bulk absorption measurements
  • NIR, green, UV and DUV wavelengths
  • Bulk absorption <2ppm/cm can be measured

Laser testing equipment


  • SHG and OPO laser benches for efficiency measurements
  • Laser based reflection measurements
  • Surface lifetime testing under UV-exposure

Electro-optic assembly set-up


  • Precise alignment station for high-extinction (>30dB) devices
  • Control of adhesive thickness via applied pressure
  • Large-volume assembly capability

Electro-optic testing facility


  • In-house chamber enabling thermal behavior testing from -50°C to +70°C
  • Dedicated laser bench for extinction ratio measurements
  • A vacuum chamber for gold deposited electrodes

Clean room


  • Footage: 50m² (approx. 500ft²)
  • ISO 6/Class 1000 clean room
  • Provides clean environment for final inspection, cleaning and packaging