Marking standards

Except when instructed otherwise, we pencil each part on its barrel in order to ease its implementation. Here are the most common marks you will find on our products:

  • A 10- or 11-digit Serial Number. You might find only the last 2-3 digits of the S/N if space is small.
  • A chevron on the side surface that is perpendicular to the ordinary axis. The tip of the chevron also designates the optical face that was coated first. When the coating is different on the two sides, then the chevron indicates the output side.

The sketch on your right indicates the marking you will typically find on type-II Second Harmonic LBO crystals, with X-axis being the ordinary axis.

Parts with a cylindrical barrel usually have a machined flat to indicate the direction of the ordinary axis. The flat is perpendicular to the axis.

Marking example for a type II SHG LBO crystal

X axis being the o axis

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