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Company News

Company News

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Cristal Laser and the MLS program

Cristal Laser and the MLS program

August 2012

Proud to be part of this rover technology.
Indeed, we are the manufacturer of 1 crystal inside the laser
"LIBS" included in ChemCam module
(click for more, read section "Libs Instrument")

Several news briefings will take place that you can watch on NASA TV or on
Times are EST.– “What Do We Know about Mars?”; 1-2 pm on 11/21
more (link for videos)

.Michael Meyer, Bethany Ehlmann, John Grotzinger.– “Looking for Signs of Life in the Universe”; 11-noon on 11/22.
.Mary Voytek, Jamie Foster, Pan Conrad, Steven Benner, Cassie Conley.– “MSL Launch Preview”; 1-2 pm on 11/22.
.Colleen Hartman, Omar Baez, Vernon Thorp, Pete Theisinger, Clay Finn.– “MSL Science”; 2-3 pm on 11/22.
.Meyer, Grotzinger, Blake, Mahaffy, Wiens, Malin.– “Why Mars Excites and Inspires Us”; 1-2 pm on 11/23.
.Leland Melvin, Scott Anderson, Clara Ma, Veronica McGregor.– “Missions to Mars: Robotics and Humans Together”; 2-3 pm on 11/23.
.Doug Ming, Bret Drake, Matt Ondler, Mike Gernhardt, John Charles.
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