Cristal Laser is a top-quality nonlinear crystal manufacturer. We are offering various types of crystals such as KTP, LBO RTP crystals...
Grown in France,
Manufactured in France, Sold Worldwide

Cristal Laser S.A.
specializes in crystal growth,
manufacturing and
distribution for a wide range
of laser, semiconductor,
military, space and fiber
optics applications.

Cellules RTP
cristaux finis
SPIE Security+Defence Strasbourg 2019

SPIE Security+Defence Strasbourg 2019

Wednesday 07 August 2019
This year we will be at SPIE Security + Defence in Strasbourg (...)
Cristal Laser is growing!

Cristal Laser is growing!

Friday 11 January 2019
In 2018, new employees were hired and new equipment was bought to sustain Cristal Laser's huge (...)

Cristal Laser facilities 2017-web.mp4

Thales/Cristal Laser Supercam project-web.mp4