Crystal growth : Quality Control Equipment by Cristal Laser

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Quality  Control  Equipment

Crystal growth : Quality Control Equipment

To ensure that the quality of our products consistently meets the highest standards, a variety of quality controls are performed from manufacturing to shipment.

Here is a list of our test and control equipment:
  • Shadowgraph bench
  • Möller & Wedel birefringence interferometer
  • ZYGO interferometer PTI 250
  • ZYGO Profiler New View 7100
  • Verifire ZYGO interferometer
  • ZEISS microscope with differential interferometry contrast (DIC)
  • Absorption measurement bench (Photothermal Commonpath Interferometer)
  • BRUKER dimension edge AFM with ScanAsyst

We've also implemented test benches corresponding to the main applications of our products:
  • Automated SHG and OPO benches to control homogeneity and conversion efficiency
  • Electro-optical response test bench to control specification such as extinction ratio and Half Wave voltage
  • THG bench to check crystal orientation

Customer-specific experiments can also be set up upon request.