KTP.fr is a fully resistant crystal which exhibits a better resilience to grey-track.
Grown in France,
Manufactured in France, Sold Worldwide
KTP.fr crystal

KTP.fr crystal : fully resistant

It is well known that most of flux-grown KTP crystals suffer from blackening and efficiency breakdown ("grey-track") when used during SHG process of 1064nm at high average power levels and repetition rates above 1 kHz.

According to KTP users, grey-track gives rise to harmonic power instability (for many intra cavity doubling cw laser), efficiency drop and crystal blackening (for high power-high repetition rate laser) and sometimes the process is accompanied by beam distortion (when the beam is strongly focused within the crystal).

For this reason, Cristal Laser has developed KTP.fr ("fully resistant") on the basis of modified fluxes which allows improving the stoechiometry within the KTP crystal lattice.

As a consequence, this material exhibits a better resilience to grey-track. Recent improvements now enable us to process components with apertures up to 10x10mm.